The following photos that were chosen are for those Americans who forgot the day that changed America. They are for the bleeding hearts that feel that an Iraqi prisoner with a leash around his neck equals the burning, crushing and obliterating of American bodies at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

I spent fifty-three days at the New York City morgue after 9/11, and observed first hand what these animals did to American people. Even in their nightmares the bleeding hearts will never know or comprehend what the terrorists are capable of and did. I will never forget. Maggot, A.J.



In fond memory of the NYPD 23 who gave their tomorrows for others today's



Rodney Gillis, John Coughlin, Michael Curtin, Roy Timothy


Joseph Vigiano, Claude Richards

Police Officers

John D'Allara, Vincent Danz, Jerome Dominguez, Stephen Driscoll

Mark Ellis, Robert Fazio, Ronald Kloepfer, Thomas Langone

James Leahy, Brian McDonnell, John Perry, Glen Pettit,

Moira Smith, Ramon Suarez, Paul Talty, SantosValentin

Walter Weaver


























In loving memory of Biran MaGee