The past year 2010 to 2011 the Crushers Motorcycle Club was involved in a
putsch by club members who would not conform to the founder and creator
charter, by-laws and standards of the club as a family oriented motorcycle club.
It became apparent last October 2010 that that membership and I (the creator and
founder) had different visions and issues concerning the future of the club.
A meeting with a member and his girlfriend at my home resulted in an agreement
that those members may use the name of the Crushers Motorcycle Club for a period
of six months, in which time those members would have to find a new club name and
logos for their club. It was understood that I would not grant them permission
to use the Crushers M.C. name and logo after April 2011.
During the six month period I received three texts from that member requesting
to purchase a piece of artwork of the Crushers M.C. indicating to I (the founder) that
those members had no intention of ceasing to use the Crushers M.C. name and logos.
In April of 2011 I retained council and litigation was commenced in the Eastern
District Federal court for Trade Mark of all Crushers MC names and logo, also art
work copyright infringements.

During the period of June 2011 to Sept 2011 those members disregarded two legal
orders of cease and desist by my attorney and I was berated by messages and photos,
of the clubs logo displayed in a lewd manners on Facebook by those members
who were using my trade mark and logo. Keep in mind these people are active and
retired law enforcement officers. At this point in the litigation and realizing that they
had no regard for their position in their occupations as law enforcement and me being
a civilian for the past six years I acted, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”, after which their membership complied.

The Crushers Motorcycle Club was founded for members of law enforcement to
enjoy the art of motorcycling and to conduct themselves in a professional manner to help
in benefiting law enforcement members, their families and others in need. At this time
the Crushers Motorcycle Club and the name of Patrolman Edward Dippel (name of clubs
center patch and logo) is disgraced to the point of terminating the Crushers Motorcycle
Club. If law enforcement officers feel they can do what they want without regard of
others and consider themselves above the law, I must disband the Crushers Motorcycle
Club as of October 24, 2011.

No persons have the permission of the owner, creator and founder of the
Crushers Motorcycle Club to use his Trade Mark, logos, and the copyright
artworks, unless authorized by him.

Louie Savarese

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